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GMCO Sky Surfers

Mega City One has lots of different type of colorful characters. While it is fun to come up with anything you can imagine, it is also enjoyable to go back to the classics. In this case ... skysurfers.
This project is a way to make use of some spare Clix figures. The four center ones (lying down figures) are ones that had lightning or other stuff that I cut off the figure and used elsewhere. I didn't really need to do much repainting. You can see a blue-skinned Jolt figure on the base up top. And tought for MCO, blue skin is perfectly fine, I decided to move her to a human skin palette. Likewise, Captain America didn't have a lavender shirt and gold lame pants; I did that because the costume was too iconic. The rest were fine for MCO.

So ... surfing. I used an old box lid and cut some surfboards out. This gave me already "painted" surfboards. The bases are several different sizes of bottle cap, painted flat black.

I picked different size caps to give the figures different heights.

There is also a regular Black Manta figure there. I considered converting him, but then I remembered that I had one on a regular base as a MCO ganger already, so I left him. The Thunderstrike/Thor figure got long hair and a beard mainly because I had extra Knedatite when he came off the base.
I ended up with two with close combat weapons, two with guns on the boards, and two open handed. Decent balance and good variety. Six bad guys ... almost enough to make a rookie judge break a sweat!
So ... what figure got that Captain America shield?