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Pallets of Stuff

These are just a couple of things I sculpted for a contest (where I didn't understand what was needed), but they ended up being nice objective markers, anyway. I used them as the markers to develop my Rednecks and Revenuers scenario.

The first one is a still on a pallet. It's broken down into component parts. While I did grow up in a place where indoor plumbing wasn't a given and the directions to our farm did include "turn off the paved road", I'm not sure if these are sufficient components. But I think the piece has a nice composition.

And it paints up rather nicely with just a few metallic colors for the bits.

This is a little more odd, but again, I think it ends up with a nice composition. Just a bit of hand sticking out implies what else lies beneath the tarp, without a lot of detailed sculpting. And I think the unknown is always a little creepier than blatant shock value.

Again, here it is painted up. Doesn't really require a lot of colors or detail to make a nice objective marker with a splash of pinache.

The hand is actually faily large in comparison to the 28mm figure (one of Bob Murch's Sinister Spies). But I think it passes muster, espeically since the hand/arm is not really placed on the board in direct comparison. Also, there's nothing wrong with corpse parts being a bit bloated and blubbery...

So .. the point? Well, these were not particularly hard to sculpt or paint, but they add a lot of character to a game.


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