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Anthropomorphic Animals and Conversions

These guys have absolutely nothing to do with the conversions, other than that they are from the same company, Splintered Light.

But I kinda wanted to show them off. Not great paint jobs, but not bad either. I think these guys will make nice civilian objectives/protectives for some Redwall type hijinx on the tabletop.

OK, so here starts the conversion. I love working with these mins, but there are only a rare few without shields. That means it's easy to turn them into some other type of weapon-wielding anthromammal, but harder to make them into civilians (like my 28mm ancients that come with shields you have to attach).

But, we'll give it the old college try. These two meese are about to turn in their swords for ploughshares ...

... or at least their spears for a hoe and a rake. The spear shaft has a decent farming position, and it is easy to use either the head or the butt of the shaft for farm implements.

These guys are frog warriors. I don't need frog warriors, but I could always use another set of lizardmen. Especially at a different size; I like variety in my lizardmen. A clay tail is all it took.

For some reason I decided to take pictures of painting from the "inside out", that is, starting with the colors that are farthest in the mini, then working toward the outer details. I don't always work like that. Which is a shame, since it not only works well, it also seems to go faster.

And here they are finished up. Not sure if you can tell, but the guy in the lower right of the pic has a little clay comb on top of his head, too. Maybe he's the leader ro some other special figure.


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