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Floating Slug Monsters

I had some pig bodies left over from another conversion, So I am going to use the bodies as a base for some formless tubular monsters.

The basic concept is I have painted the pigs' legs black to match the base so they will (hopefully) appear to be floating over the base.

Glue the wire into the hole augured in the end of the body. Rinse. Repeat.

Next, form some air dry clay over the wires to fill out the body. Add a dimple in the end for the maw.

Here is the base green colour, with the legs blacked back in.

A little reprise from the monsters, this is the background for a box of five aquatic toys SWMBO got for me (to be used in other conversions). But by not tearing into the box, this interior bit is left to use as a background for minis pictures.

Like this. I've added a yellow underbelly that twists around and around the different guys, trying to emphasize the formlessness of the monsters. Basic red gullet interior and white teeth. While that colour scheme is very typical for Earth animals, I like to make sure there is something not too alien. You need a reference, so you have to balance the strange and the normal.