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Thes are pretty iconic poses for Superman. And since Supes is both (1) ripped, and (2) wearing really tight spandex, I figured this would be a good way to "flesh" out some more civilian figures.

So here's a barely recognizable as a stereotypical cop stripper and a more recognizable personality. I like how the chests and muscularure works out on both of them.

And, of course, the King must have gold sequins! (Paired with a redheaded MiB this time.)

Here's an alternate paint scheme for one of the figures.

Then, I was thinking what other near-nekkid male figures could fill out a unit of strippers ..?

The Luke Cage figure on the left came with a "painted on" t-shirt (heh heh heh). Namor (after a bit of plastic surgery to remove the pointy ears) was already wearing a Speedo, so ...

The pix aren't great, but Luke Cage in this one best shows that the clothes (other than sequins and gold lame') are matte sealed, but the skin is "oiled up" - gloss sealed.