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Noise Marines

Space Marine bits. In this case, I am out of arms and pauldrons. Since I will be converting/sculpting for that, I decided these need to me Chaos Space Marines, to give me a little more lattitude. And for whatever reason I am going with Noise Marines right now.

I love Noise Marines. Armour and weapons that are ridiculous on the already over the top WH40K scale. Classic NM, mind you, we need guitars and exotic weapons, not the nuveas "guns that are kinda activated by something like strumming fingers" and are called sonic weapons.
This is supposed to be fun, so I am making weapons out of stuff like Eldar weapons and banners/signifiers ... and other stuff coming up.

Everyone does not get guitars. I have some big ponytail hair for the leader/lead singer (BTW, my singing voice is actaully classified as a lethal weapons), and some bits to make horns. I play sax (again, probably banned in many jursidictions), so I like excursons on that, too. Trust me, sax is metal.

Here's the whole lineup.
They really need a war machine. I have a guy playing guitar riding on the fins of a speeder, but I have an source of inspriation that I will act on sooner or later.

L2R: Skeleton bit guitar, Signifier guitar, Eldar gun guitar, Ancient horn with gun attached, and Roman horn. Other than the Roman horn that comes with arm attached, I think it is better to paint the figures and the instruments separately, then assemble later.

Here we have the leader, coplete with superfluous crab arms coming out the back. And some others. On the left, the one is waiting for an Iron Fist dragon energy strike that will become a horn. Then a precussionist with a beat stick. On the right are two guys waiting for other weapons ... er instruments.

And here's the band.

Not to be outdone, here are some figures and bits I have transformed into the band GWAR. Well ... one lineup of them. Don't know GWAR?"

I made them a while ago, and lost most of the WIP pics, but they came out ... nice?

Here they are at home in one of my classic crashed space ships. I love doing those!

And this is the only close-up that came out any good. But it is a good pic. Wwwwwaaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhh! I mean ... Gghgkgwwwwwaaaaaaarrhrhrhrr!