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More Space Marines

Some more Space Marines in school colours. Just pretty much your standard fare with a few ideas on what to do besides buying two colours of paint.

If you remember from the previous set, I did a Space Hulk squad (plus a few special weapons swap ins) in University of Texas at Dallas colours for my daughter. It got me thinking about other school color paint schemes ... and tasked to do some at the behest of the better half. So, here we go

Let's begin with the other offspring. He plays Dark Eldar in 40K, and not Space Hulk (well, not yet, at least), so making him a set was important, but not urgent. He attends Ferrum College (sorry ... not Ferrum University), whose mascot is the panthers. Their school colours are black and gold, which makes for a nice set. High contrast. Metallic trim. Standard SM fare.

I used just the "F" for Ferrum on one team and a panther paw logo for the other team. I thought that was a nice way to incorporate some "Ferrumness" into what otherwise looks like a standard fare SM chapter color set.

The left pauldron got "rank" markings ... one dot for rank in file guys with bolters, two dots for the special weapons guys, and a bar for the NCO's. Based on personal experience, NCO's are always most comforatble at the bar.

I am also a bit proud of the hammer (which will show up in another set a little later). It is a toothpick with a bit of Mechwarrior figure groin on it. The rest of him was cut up for pieces and parts. Knowing what to do with missile pods, engines with exahust pipes, wheeled treads, and guns is easy ... what do you do with the rest? Groin hammers!

Yes, Commander. The reading from these purple grubs matches the DNA trace we were sent after. 100%. I wonder why Imperial Command dispatched so many of us to eradicate little slugs like this?

OK, that was no slight at the Space Marines that come from the Wright State University chapter (my brother-in-law's alma mater). OK, maybe it was. As a more formal GW player, I went with a more straight out design for them. Like black and gold, green and gold is a good start for making Space Marines.

No special markings, so he can align them to some GW universe squad that matches his school colours, or just leave 'em as is.

The other guys are f'tagn and f'tagn larvae that I have done before, but in purple for some reason.

These eye catching (burning?) guys aren't in school colours, but the most generic country colours I could find - red, white, and blue. They could go for the USA, UK, Australia, Norway, Iceland, Russia, ... well, you get the idea.

As opposed to spare SM that I have picked up here and there, these are based on a set from Dark Vengance (the new starter?).

The scheme mirrors the UTD marines I did by alternating colors by armour part. Feet, thighs, gloves, and head one color. Calves, forearms, and mohawks the other. White fills in the gaps. Both teams have one red and one blue pauldron, on alternate sides. Even the ravenwing bikes got done up in this manner.

The base terminators got the same treatment of alternating parts, and the leader figure (with the sword) got split right side blue parts, left side red parts, for a little variety.

Last, but certainly not least, are the Belpre Golden Eagle chapter of Space Marines from my high school (well, one of them). Again, school colors lead to a nice SM palette. Orange and black are both high contrast and striking. The "golden" in the mascot name justifies the gold trim.

Since they are the "eagles", I figures I could outfit a whole team with "beakers". Seemed appropriate. I was two heads short, so I had to convert a regular head by shaving the mohawk and adding some kneadatite. I don't think you can tell which ones they are up close (one is in the close up pic to the right), so they are better than fine at arm's length.

The drones in the picture were made using a technique I described in another article. The bike has the missile pods from that Mechwarrior figure I mentioned earlier. Or maybe from a different one.

Oh, yes ... and a chupacabra from an upcoming tutorial. Chupacabras beat Space Marines every time.


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