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Yep, got a bunch of Smurves. I got a sample of them at two for a dollar online to see what the distro of different figures looked like. I think based on these initial conversions, they will work well for a Gnome Wars army. Plus, some of the people I have seen playing Gnome Wars are super serious about it, so ... well ... Oh! Super ... that gives me an idea on conversions to see how these figures cut up and reassemble.

So, we're starting with Superman, Green Arrow, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Supes is pretty easy, just add a cape to a Smurf.

Batman also gets the add a cape treatment. I also shaved off his ears. As a bonuse for me, the lobes shaved off to give the ear a teardrop shape. Those will look good inverted.

I also like the idea that Vanity Smurf will become Green Arrow. Beyond the mirror arm position, the aesthetic seems to flow as well. And I get to add a bow, a feather, and quiver.

Wonder Woman is pretty simple. Just add a lasso.

The rest is just paint ...

Oh, one more prop conversion (because I lost the rest of my WIP pics). This is how to make a trident out of plastic spears.

Here we are at the end with a Smurf Leage and a Legion of Smurf. Details to follow...

So here's the trident. AquaSmurf also got a fish on head for no particular reason. I also used the Scottish Smurf (from the new movie I haven't seen) head because of the 'burns. Modern Aquaman can't figure out his dumb hair.

The Green SmurfLamp conversion wqas just sticking some translucent green plastic on to the ring hand. I added the plastic flowers (from LEGO) on to make it more Smurfy.

Wonder Smurf and the Smurf Arrow just got the stuff added to them. The cross stitch floss got wound into a loop, then covered in PVA to give it some firmness.

There's SuperSmurf just smilin' and wavin'. Yep.

BatSmurf gets low cape (vice Supes' high flowing cape). The Grumpy look sells this.

Smurfnestro actually has a yellow translucent bit glued to his hand. It actually looks quite nice in this picture.

Harley Quinn got a leftover hammer from a Yugio 'Clix (yes ... that is a thing, and it has some quite nice figures in the line). She didn't get a Smurf name because it was two hard and she's pretty much the outlier anyway.

Vandal Smurfage is just the Scottish Smurf painted up in black.

Smurfy Ivy really relies on the plastic plant leaves to sell the conversion (which otherwise, is red and green paint).

And last, but certinaly not least ... Lex Bluthor! I used the rest of his cap to cover down on one of the chef's hat minis. I got a lot of those, which didn't lend themselves to a lot of conversion ideas. The number of Smurf Chef figures was the only concern about the distro of getting random figures from this line.


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