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Space Marine Mecha Walkers

Going for the same thing as the goldfish walkers except with GW Space Marines. Starting with the same parts, a toy capsule and a mechwarrior clix piece.

So these were simpler than the fish, because I didn't have to scuplt any pieces. I think having one standing and one "sitting" (just a torso) gives a good look.

The "controls" they are using are just more mech parts. The standing guy in the back (the gunner) has an extra arm with a fist on it as the control console.

Other than that, the inside is a bit sparse and with low levels of detail. But I think it works here for the same reason - the plastic shell blurs the look a bit, so you need things that will be recognizable through it. Bold shapes, etc., that hint at the insides more than give lots to look at.


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