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Giant Mutant Snail

So, the morons who I bought this house with let all the detailed gardening done by the previous owner go to pot. As I was cutting back the out of control bamboo, I came across a garden decoration graveyard. Apparently, all these pieces were just chucked into the bamboo and forgotten. I guess it was too much work to throw them in the trash can 6' away ...

Anyway, so I found this guy. Injured, blinded, and abandoned. So I figured I owed it to him to try to "fix" him ...


Uh ... guys ..? Are you sure you're reading the right ritual?"

I could have molded eyestalks. I thought about doing that and putting LEDs in them. But that sounded like a lot of work. And I have tons of little plastic dinosaurs lying around. I used brachiosauruses since (1) they have long necks, and (2) they don't make the best dino-mounts for 28mm figs.

I was pretty sure I wanted the "flesh" of this one grey with a simple black wash. There's so much detail in the sculpt, It would have been a shame not to emphasize it.

Crap. That didn't go as well as I had expected...

Here you get a good head on. The tongue is one of the brachiosauruses' tails and the teeth are toothpicks. The mouth is just molded on with plumber's putty and the other pieces stuck into it.

I revisited this flying saucer painting technique (at the bottom of the page) Ifor the shell. If you notice the different segments are in gradated prismatic order around the spiral, and they "wrap" around (blue - violet - red) and keep going. I also highlighted the separators between the segments (I don't think that is a real snail shell thing), to give them a bit more pop.

All in all ... creepy!


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