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Blue Bird Mages

I've been ripping through my toy dinosaurs to get the on the table, and I ended up with some pretty pathetic pterodactyls. Did I mention they are cheap toys?

So instead of being dinos (or dino displays, or other ...), I'm going to use them as bits. And since I'm cheap, I would like them to fit into a couple of different milieux, if possible.

Enter the Birdman. Or, more specifcally, the bird sorceror. These should work for tengu in my Japanese mythology armies and for Tzeench bird things in my I-Don't-Play-40K-But-I-Like-The-Stories games.

These are some basic heroclix in heroic arm waving poses that got new heads glued on and wings greenstuffed to their backs.

I was able to stretch five pterries into six figures by leveraging some wing bits (I think the ones on the left are supposed to be motorcycle decorations) and making a custom bird head for the big guy.

Besides the large 'clix figure, there are two generic space marine types, I believe from VOID. So I have a couple with laser guns, too.

They get a basic blue colour base with metallic blue wash then light blue heavy drybrushing. This gives them enough texture to be mostly nekkid.

I did add paper loincloths, though. And the feet had to go. After rebasing them from the nice clix base mini painting holders, I trimmed the boots and added greenstuff to make a three pronged claw.

I always keep the extra translucent bits for occasions just like this.