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Snow Golems

Trash? Time to bash!
This is not the result of compuslive behaviour to roll up the tin foil around chocolates. Maybe it is a little bit of that. But I have done builds with these before for the Entirely Plausible Journey game. But this time, something different ...

The terrible snow golem!
Or, a snowman, if you prefer ... pretty simple once you've collected a bunch of balls in the right size. And since they're trach, its fairly easy to resize them by peeling and rewrapping. And if you mangle a bit in the process, no big.
For my prototype, I found a hat, a pole to become a broom, and some leftover plant bits to be arns.

Here's the proto with the rest of the crew. I finished him first to make sure there weren't any issues with assembly, then got on a roll assembling. I forgot to take other WIP pics, except ...

With the proto, I learned that positioning the arms, especially when I didn't have the thing they were holding, was tough. For the rest, I decided to go with twist ties, painted brown. They'll look like sticks (they did ... didn't they?) and be easy to reposition when I collect random stuff for the golems to hold.

I cut them a little long for the arms I wanted, then folded the ends over to make "hands". The fork in the hands will be useful for stabilizing things while the glue dries.

Here's the whole set. While I was doing finishing touches like the piece of paper and ink scarf and cutting the mohawk from a cloak, I decided to make some little sgnomes, too. After all, I have the big snowgre in back.

And while you can make these any size you want with relative ease, I am showing the ones I made with 15mm, 25mm, and 32mm figures. The key is to keep a sample size figure handy while you're doing this.