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Modern Ruined Terrain

Ah ... the classic piece of ruined modern terrain ... the building corner.
And it seems that modern tissue boxes come with eight corners built in, just ready to be released.

After being separated, I decided to put these together on floor bits. One of them got flipped around to make an inside corner. And after the bits were set up, I added the leftover pieces of tissue box to the floors for a little more character.
You can, of course, leave them as individual corners, too

Here's an overhead view.
Even though I said tissue boxes, the one in the upper right is just a box of Celestial Seasonings tea box. Since it's a small box, I just left the corners attacked to the bottom of the box.

Here is a view of blocking and line of fire. I recommend checking this out for your pieces before priming, painting, and other finalization. The big thing you want from this type of terrain piece is good options for positioning figures in a game. After that, it's about atmosphere.

Like this bit. I turned a corner updside inside another corner to make a two-level spot. The outside corner of the platform is supported with a piece of a paper straw (the best use of those, IMHO).

When I said check out the combat potential, you need it for both sides of the fight.

Diversion - This is a WH40K action figure. Comes grey. Painted up to match my * Ftagn Larvae. Well, the purple ones.

The ruined corners work well when combined with my generic junkyard terrain technique:

* Junkyard

* More Junkyard

* Even More Junkyard

And here's the junkyard painted up.

Tissue boxes can just make nice buildings by themselves.

Or, you can cut the "window" like the last picture. But with a support behind it...

You can embed a Russian Standard vodka cap to add a little terrain accent for the guys saying, "Take me to your litre!"

And one other trick for this type of terrain. Toilet paper tubes make nice stand pipes and such. With the correct sized bottle cap glued inside, it makes a platform

To let figures stand in the pipe.
Again, another tissue box building. This is one box, but in half, with the "bottom" stood up on end and glued to the top to make the awning.

Oh, yeah. After a few diversions, here are some of the tissue box buildings. With just some basic postapoc colors and a nice brushing of brown sluge for the corners, they are ready to go for a variety of venues.