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Industrial Terrain

This is a simple industrial terrain piece. We are using a "soda" can as an interior form. It will provide both strucutre and consistency of size.

The ends are capped with thin cardboard and the bodies are wrapped in thick cardstock. Again, the can is doing most of the work here. No measuring, fiddling, etc. Cut to fit and glue.

Down the paper seam, I made some "rivets" with liquid latex. Are they all perfectly evenly spaced? No. Are there the same number on each container? Well, if you're concerned, count for yourself and you'll get the answer you deserve.

Here are a few, mounted on thin cardboard bases, with my good old Soylent Green logo.

You can see I added some leftover toy bits (rails for a marble track) as ladders and put hatches (small carboard circles with liquid latex hinges and handles) to add a little more flair.

Since the vertical ones don't have markings, they can go with either the Soylent Green set or this other logo ... what could that be?

In the lower right, you might notice the base warping up a bit. Using thin card, the bases are fairly flexible and susceptible to warping. Then again, they are fairly flexible, and you can bend them right back the other way very easily.


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