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Spawn / Raven Crossover

This is a conversion of two of my favorite demonic comic characters: Raven and Spawn

I will be using another supernatural demonic figure to execute the conversion - Etrigan and another DC character, Saturn Girl. SG is also one of my faves from one of my fave teams, The Legion of Super Heroes.

The Saturn Girl body is in a not particularly Raven pose, but the flying with arms out is going to give me room for both the Spawn cape and the Spawn chains. I painted her up in Raven colors, and gave her the double set of eyes that indicates Raven is in a bad place, Trigon mode.

Here is Etrigan's scraggly cape, painted in Raven colors. And I made some chains out of thin wire by tying a series of overhand knots. They will be stiff enough to stay in a pose, yet pliable enough for me to pick the pose. And they really do look like chain links.

I just glued the chains to the back. No need to hide the attachment point, since the cape will cover it.

I also touched up the double eyes, which were a bit sloppy on the first go around.

And now add the cape.

When I added the cape, I realized I need a big, Spawnish cowl. So I dug around for a Doctor Strange figure.

Interestingly enough, except for the Saturn Girl body, I only used occult themed figures, which is kind of appropriate.