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Sphinxi? Spanx? Well, whatever the plural, I made a few.

The key here is human heads. I have lots of extra heads, and I even buy more on occasion. These are GW fantasy ogre ... giant ... something heads and make for nice conversions. They are the hear of my many trolls of various stripes.

After the heads, the good bit is I am repurposing leftover dino bodies, after the heads trieratops heads went to other conversions. The rest is decor. I made tails from ogre arms for the little guys, and some type of tentacle thing for the big ones, who also have leftover wings from my recent imps. The "big" big one (shown here) gets a larger base, too. Makes him more imposing, I think.

After the bits come together (and dry), just paint them up. I used a base color coat, two lighter shades of drybrush, then a dark brown wash. After that I did the white details (which I think makes them stand out a bit) and the remaining miscelaneous colours. Overall, a nice effect.

Close up pic here.