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OK, this isn't one of my projects. It's waaaay cooler!

This is the spinosaurus on exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. It's an odd dino, with a lot of unique characteristics. The National Geo Museum also has a nice bit about how the first (and only) spino skeleton from the turn of the century was lost in the Allied bombing of Munich and the next one, over fifty years later in 2008 was found by backtracking to some illegal fossil smugglers in Morocco. So, there's some potentially gaming related history stuff there.

Clicking on the pic to the right opens a larger version. You may want to right click and open it in another window or tab.

If you play dino games, some of the unique characteristics are ...

  • Green - The nostrils are high enough on the head to keep the croc-like snout in the water while fishing. The snout also has croc-like formations for snout sensors.
  • Red - The front feet bend forward like a mammalian paw and backward like a sloth.
  • Yellow - The back legs were probably webbed for swimming. This is the first confirmation that land dinos could be adapted for mainly aquatic lifestyles.
  • Blue - Spines! That big one in the center is just over 6' tall. Also, they are not for heat dissipation (like other dinos) - no blood vessels.
  • Purple - Big long tail for water propulsion.
  • Awesomeness - It's bigger than a T-Rex, walks on its back legs, all fours, and swims.

So, wargame model guys ... did I mention that this whole exhibit is a 1:1 3D printed model? Awesome bit on the process in the museum. I guess that also means they could email the whole dino to anywhere with a 3D printer and reconstruct it. This one's made of hard foam, so it is very very light, especially compared to bone. That's got to be a big plus for cost of putting it up.

This bit is not really related to the pic of the dino butt, however, there is also a nice bit about how its small native area in (lush, vegetated and lake-studded) Morocco could support it and four other predators. Apparently all the predators had evolved into feeding niches that didn't overlap. There's gotta be a scenario in that.


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