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Weird SciFi Terrain

So if your daughter is a new engineer, she might get stuck with lousy little jobs. Jobs like playing with the 3D printer.

OK, maybe not playing ... more like designing, setting up, and printing stuff like shrouds for cameras to go on drones. For optimal printing, you may need to shift the orientation of the piece, which necessitates having random(ish) supports uderneath so it prints right.

These are the leftovers from that process.

And this is what happens to them when you take them home (saving disposal fees at work) and give them to your dad.

I painted the underside of the clear ones black, then did a progressive rainbow painting of the supports themselves.

You get enough of them, and you can cover a decent amount of ground.

And you can show off more bird space marines. Last time, penguins. This time ... cardinals!

I used five different shades of red (including one metallic red for the shoulder pads) to give them some color depth. I was not sure about doing the eyes. actual cardinals have a pure black eye sourrounded by black feathers. Cartoon cardinals generally put in a white eye with a black pupil so you can visually distinguish the eye.

I originally tried using my matte/gloss technique for the eyes, but the eye spot was so small, it might as well not have been there, especially at arm's length. So I tried the cartoon white dot approach. I like how that turned out.

And since they are basically junk (and I have more coming), you can just throw them in a box for storage!