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Squid Trophy

So, DOM has a Girl Scout troop that is doing a pinewood derby (today). She helped the kids with how to design and make a car, did the math for the tournament, and got the trophies and ribbons.

"Most Creative" car is a prize along with the 1/2/3 places. So, she decided to make a nice, creative trophy for that as well.

After sculpting a giant squid to a basic submarine shape, she broke it off for painting. Apparently, this broke some of the tentacles, so that becomes part of the cost for painting the bits separately. Given how poorly I do with the borders when painting composite pieces, this is the approach I hope I would have used, too.

The sub gets some basic details, more heavy where you will see them in the final piece, less so where it will be squid-hidden.

Some detailing on the basic orange squid.

Then piecewise assembly.

With the head going on before the support and trophy base.

And we end up with a trophy that anyone would be happy to win!