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Giant Web Footed Space Slugs

Nice little geese. Ready, just like in real life, to be decapitated. I think there's some swans in there, too. Either way, the heads have to come off so I can use the bodies.

Obviously during the making of this project, I took really bad pictures and didn't check them as I went along.

After decapitation, they got clay maw/heads, a tongue (a bit of 22 gauge wire), and eyestalks (22 gauge wire insulation with paper balls glued to the end).

Still, this blurrily shows painting from the "inside out". I started with the legs, stalks, and mouth in the fleshy-red color. Then I did the body with four shades of brown. Darker on the top and lighter underneath. They eyes were painted shiny metallic gold, and the last bit was some black spots.

And here is the horde fighting with some Daughters of Malal. The cheap farm animal set had a bunch (12) of geese and swans, and one giant one, waaaaaay out of scale with the others. Still, the giant one makes a good three-stalked leader space slug.


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