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Eldrich Abominations

OK, so this week, Doctor Moreau is cross-breeding a cow (a bit too big for a scale 28mm cow) and a starfish (giant one), and also a collie (again, way too big for my scale) and an octopus (a big one, but not bad). Also, we're using miscelaneous scorpion parts (everybody love them) and a couple of pairs of wings.

So other than chopping and gluing, the noticeable thing here is repositioning the tentacles. I do this over a candle - just melt the figure a bit and bend, then hold under cold water to set. Note: Fire is hot. It can catch stuff on fire. Plastic give off fumes when heated (I do this over the range hood with the fan cranked). Plastic also melts and drips and ruin things. Like, potentially your range or your hand. I do not recommend anyone actually do this. Even me.

While the tentacle bending was mostly aesthetic above (I don't really like symmetric stuff, especially for this), it is almost mandatory for the starfish to get the right pose. On this one, you can also see some clay on the body to cover the seams. Even if you're not a sculptor, globby and formless is pretty easy to do with clay. Just ask anyone taking a community college pottery class.

This is the anterior view of the figures primed. I think its a bit easier to see the piece as a piece like this, rather than a collection of variously colored plastic bits.

The posterior view, likewise.

This is a bit I added after painting. I cut some plastic shavings to serve as denticles. They will be held in place with LocTite outdoor sealant. Which will end up in big globs, but that's OK, since it dries clear and looks like a big glob of mucous. Well ... that's good for this thing.

Here we have a Hellboy figure for size reference (remembering big red is not just red, but he's also big. I had a good time mixing various colors of paint in with my silver paint to creat the colour out of space effect.

Here is starcow having a discussion about lunch with some space marines.


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