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St Trinians Ninja Academy for Wayward Girls vs Men in Black

To begin with, a good time was had by all. This is SMWBO and me with one of our long-time friend through our kids, Tim, and his friend Andrew. Tim came up by our house for a convention and wanted to stop in an play. When the man asks you to set up your game for his friends, how can you refuse?

So I did a quick little layout for QILS.

I used some of my box canyon terrain to make a sleepy little Japanese hillside town, in which lies the last remnants of the Sacred Scrolls of Imi no Nai Koto. Both sides want to collect enough of the scrolls to have a coherent understanding of their ancient mysteries.

So the objective is non-kinetic ... but ... you have limited people and lots of fragments to carry (one per figure - they're fragile). So, if you think the other team is doing well and you're not, there is a kinetic solution to that.

So you will be traversing this lovely landscape. Here we have views up the hill from both bridges. You can see lots of buildings densely packed, making this some dense and tricky terrain, even if it is only 3'x3'.

And peeking around the corner at the bottom of the hill is ...

Inu-Sama Park. This spot turns out to be the spot of the big final battle.

But first, we'll tour around the town, checking out the sake house and Chomping Shark, my favourite restaurant.

And we must stop by the temple at the top of the hill.

If just the check out the panoramic view down the south side ...

... and the west side.

In fact, there are a lot of uphill and downhill dramatic views. Makes me think of something. Something cinematic. Something from ninja movies.

Oh, yes ... Parkour!

Since the characters from St Trinian's Ninja Academy for Wayward Girls only have close combat attacks, I thought I would let them junp gaps to give them way more mobility than the MiB (who did get ranged attacks).

Here we see the Headmistress getting ready to span the gap and lay some briefcase-fu down on a couple of MiBs.

It was a simple rule. Declare the jump and roll an attack. Your attack strength is the number of inches you successfully jump. If you don't span the whole gap, you fall.

Only one ninja schoolgirl missed one jump.

They are seen here, starting off at the academy with their headmistress (and her dangerous briefcase). The ladies can also push you off a cliff with a close combat attack (this is a core rule, and we use it for the soccer-like Troll Ball. This didn't end up happening because ...

... the MiB started down here at the foot of the hill near the park. The main characters for both sides were two-die figures. The Headmistress is a three-die figure, and so is the MiB alien dude.

Basically, the ninja parkour allowed them to move so fast (without climbing up and down like the MiB would have to) that only the alien leader and one MiB got off the base level.

The MiB did, however collect a lot of cards, and at one point turned around and started to run home instead of searching. This is when the MiB were ninjaed and lost a figure and a critical scroll. So they had to go back and reengage to get a new one.

One KO'd schoogirl later and the game was going the other way. Time to hightail again. The ninjagirls used their parkour to cut the MiB off and force a last, desperate battle. Some good rolls let the MiB take a few more wounds, but still get off the board. Barely. If the ladies from STNAfWG would have gotten in one more combat round before the escape, I don't think we would have had the same outcome.

Here's a set of links to most of the building projects used in this one:

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