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Land Speeder Storm

I like the look of this vehicle and saw it was crowded like a downtown bus at rushhour. That's a bonus! And my second hand source - Mindtaker Minis - had two for slightly less than the price of one new.

After I decided to get them, I decided to learn about what they are "supposed to be". I've been focusing on Iron Snakes and then found that these carry scouts, which the IS don't really use. So what paintjob?

To my resuce, I learned that these use scouts because they're basically SOF insertion vehicles. Bingo! Make it look like a RHIB with SOF guys in it. Four different shades of black, plus darkened gunmetal, and three different sealant types - matte, satin, and gloss. There's also a slight metallic green "glow" on the thrusters.

One was assembled and broken, the other was NOS. If you can't tell which, I guess I did a reasonable job in building and salvage. The paint scheme doesn't hurt in hiding stuff like the removal of some faction insignia from the broken one.

I was wondering if I could pull the scouts off of them to deploy. Apparently many other people have the same idea, so this is not a particularly unique idea. And it worked very well. You could tell the scouts were individually based in the other pic, and here they are pulled out.

Besides multi-colour basic black, their heads all got a slighly different skin and hair colour. Then gunmetal headsets/visors with metallic red lenses.

The best thing is that in all black like that for stealth purposes, I can use them basically with any other force.

If you math fu is running hot, you might recognize that there were four dudes piled on to the vehicle, but five on the ground. I cobbled together two extra scouts (one for each squad) mostly because I like five-man squads.

All the stuff I read about the Storm said you need to leave the driver and gunner in there, otherwise it's just an expensive rock. That made sense to me, so I glued those two in place. I also swapped out the doctrinal figures in those slots to get variety and the best standing poses available.