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Transforming the Blob

That thing, up there, is the Blob from Marvel Comics, as produced for the HeroClix game. The figure is from many moons ago, and wasn't considered to be particularly useful in its prime (let alone when power creep started to skew the point system). It was, however, a common figure, so there are many available and nowadays ... for cheap. In theory, since 'Clix was nominally a 28mm game (whatever that means), this figure can be used with other 28mm. He's a little big, as we shall see, but given his size, still works well to make a big guy.

Above are some simple sumo conversions. I repositioned several of the arms on the original before priming and painting. Since he is in a tight bodysuit, it was pretty easy to trim the fabric lines to get near-nekkid figures. The sumo costuming was also pretty easy, done with Kneadatite. What really sells this figure as a sumo, IMHO, is going ahead and putting the topknot on him.

These guys won't stand up to much close-in scrutiny, but at arm's length, they makea nice flavor piece for your collection. And given thier size in comaprison to the other minis, it is best to keep them at arm's length! They are visibly, but not unreasonably, larger than the Pulp Figures minis, but not bigger than the wolfen from Confrontation that is lurking in the back (with a sinister black/violet repaint). Pretty decent for sumo size.

I'm not sure if the below conversions are more or less exotic than sumos are.

For the gentlemen, the top is fine, but you really need to add pants over the unitard. Now, I'm the king of quick and easy, but you really, really can't just paint pants over the blobby fat legs. Just a little putty will do it. The armbands on the blob figure make nice watches for the one hand. I carved the bands down on the other.

The ladies require a little more effort, but then again, ladies always do! The large formless dress is just a sheet of putty wrapped around the body. One has sleeves, the other is in a tube dress (held up by the collective will of everyone looking at her!). Hair is also important, just like on the sumos. It makes a big difference, since it is an iconic element. Braids for blondy and a bun for our brunette move them far enough away from the standard blob figure. The piece of resistance for the lady in the pink polka-dot dress is black socks and white tennis shoes. Very Wal-Mart chic!

Again, they are larger than most 28mm figures (The one in the center is some type of GW orc painted up to be a Molly Hatchet-esque barbarian.), but not unreasonably large for a person of stature.


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