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Goldfish Space Marines

Not much to say about these other than just showing them off. They are regular GW Space Marine bodies with the helmets removed and Star Wars miniatures Mon Calamari figure heads on them. I think the gold color works well with the goldfish coloring for the head. I used various color inks over top of the metallic paint to make the different shades and colors. The pauldrons are edged with bright yellow Sharpie. The other details are brought out with a pastel orange color. A few bits (like the skulls) have brown ink over gold paint giving a bronze effect. The edges and crevices are outlined with black ink.

I found an extra Mon Calamari figure after I was done with the regular squad of five, so I got to do a special weapon figure, too. This guy has a harpoon gun made from a Heroclix flight base and the bottom of a standard.


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