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Swamp Boards

Four and a half inch squares are the bases for this terrain project. Why that size? Because it is the same size as a CD. Is that a good or bad reason? I dunno. It's just what I was thinking when I turned some thick folders into terrain bases.

This is pretty straightforward. I got to it because I accumulated a bunch of rocky, decorative bases. I don't really use decorative bases, but I will use them here. Including the big cork monstrosity.

After gluing the bases down, I start with a base of mucky brown.

Then I swirled in some forest green while the brown was still wet. On top of that muckity-muck, I sprinkled some green flock for texture.

The key bit is after the paint dried, I sprayed matte sealant on top, to hold it all together.

But matte doesn't say swamp, so I did a couple layers of thick gloss on top of that which give both slimy shine and a little swirly texture.

Four colours of grey on the stones, but the key factor is only matte sealant, to give a big contrast to the muck. Realistically, the rocks might be slimy, too, but I like the contrast effect. I feel it makes the stones pop.

And, of course, what pops more than a carnivorous plant?

Maybe a few stoneless ones are next up ...