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I made some dinosaur meuseum displays last week and now just want to keep rolling. So I made a new dino display ... aaaaannnnndddddd ... this!

It's me an SWMBO playing some Napoeonic red vs blue!

The table is an earbud container. I blocked in the dirt and river first. Then I added the flock and detailed the water with two colours and a thick layer of gloss sealant. A bit of paper made the bridge, and I cut some sprue nibs to make the farmhouse and barn. The trees are little bits of a 15mm tall hedge that I cut of and then cut into tufts.

The minis are fine talus. I painted down a thin strip of glue where I wanted them (the column and lines), then dropped off-whtie talus down. I shaped the bits with my craft knife until it looked right. Once the glue had dried, I painted the tops of the column red and the tops of the lines blue, leaving an underside white to be pants. The artillery battery in the back got some all black, and the rest blue top over white.

This is the overhead view. And here's a big pic.