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Really Big APC

I decided I needed a big, jawa-like vehicle with an accessible interior because I really need one. A box and some cheap plastic tanks is just the junk I need to make this happen.

My first idea was a rectangle with lap-joint floors and walls and swing open barndoors on the side.

As I got through making that, I realized that the inside was really crowded, and thus wouldn't work well for gaming inside the vehicle. I needed to go another route...

So I went with a more open design and only two floors. This is the well deck and there will be a deck on top of this, hinged so you can get back in here.

And, continuing with the shape theme, I hinged a command center cover on one end of the well deck.

With the duct tape hinge, she closes up like this.

Now the main deck. Some left over gutter guard will do the trick.

Throw the tank treads in the corners and we have a nicely sized giant sci fi vehicle for 28mm.

The command center needed some consoles, So I threw in some bits and bobs I had lying around.

And exterior vents. I like vents on vehciles. Basically, cut out some trapezoids, fold the sides down, and glue on. Very simple way to get some really nice detail.

Now we have vents, a door (just another piece of card) and ... RIVETS! This is just liquid latex that you can get in a craft store for putting on t-shirts. I think the dots make nice, quick rivets. Cheap and easy to apply, too.

Here she is after priming and applying a base coat of beige. The main deck got muted silver and the decoration vents on the back of the command module (bottle caps) got flat grey.

I cut out a template for a design. A piece like this needs a logo or something. It's a puppy.

I think the stripes break the form up enough and give it some more character. These are colors from a 19th century imagination I have. But why couldn't that nation extend into the future?

And the color scheme seems to go with the MechWarrior 'clix I have on it.

Here are some 28mm guys back on her, one in the opened command module, with the consoles painted up a bit.

And let's not forget the well deck! It would be inconvenient to have battles in here, but it is perfectly fine for storing a few figures for embark and debark once or twice a game.


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