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DKOK Tanka Tanka Tanka

I've been in a tanky mood of late. So here's some roughly 15mm tank bits in an old 3.5" disk container. I'm going to rearrange them into a 28mm tank something for my Death Korps of Krieg force. If you don't know DKOK, it's WH40K's WWI steampunk army. It's a really nice vibe, and I've had a lot of fun with it before. Like this.

The important part is the disk container makes a really nice retro tank body. You just have to glom a buncha guns on 'er.

And even the treads work, if you rearrange them into a bigger configuration. This with the big boxy form should give it a kludged together look. Again, just the right vibe.

Here's the finished model next to a DKOK figure. Klunky and awkward, oversized, and a decent distressed paint job.

And a good bit of real estate on top to put figures on ... or blast markers ... or whatever.

And to keep rolling, I made another Basilisk to go with my first one. Slighlty different model, but still a good pair together.

And two more tanks, this time with proper WH40K bits ... maybe a Lehman Russ tank? ... using this technique and only side plates.