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Trashy McBashy

So, for every thousand pieces of trash that we "can make something with that", occasionally, the others in our lives deserve us to actually do so. Y'know. Once in a while.

Here we have a couple of abandoned lawn/garden ornaments, and (in a horrible inset) a beat up soccer ball keychain.

The mushroom was pretty simple. just clean it up and paint. It's not a bad size as far as 28mm giant mushrooms go. And caterpillar can even (precariously) stand on top and pontificate to Alison, down there.

The paint scheme is a real mushroom one, and was chosen to fit with my existing forest of "bottlecap mushrooms". These are also a pretty simple trash-bash. Infinitely adjustable, and they have a lot better support for figures standing on top.

This one, also, was not much of a stretch. Just glue it back into shape, slap on a new paint scheme, and she's ready for some Troll Ball games!

SWMBO asked if I could "fix" it, and while I could have, the wear and tear of going in and out of pockets and purse would have likely put it in the same state of disrepair just as quickly. So, she was fine with it. Plus, she usually wins Troll Ball games, so ...

The frog was the fun one. It's actually a little rubber squirt frog that our house's previous-previous owner had turned into a garden ornament. But that meant it was: (1) easy to cut up and modify, and (2) hollow!

Cutting the front halves off the eyes, I was able to make a third eye there in back. Then I gauged out holes to the inside and cut a big hole in the bottom of the frog (which, apparently, I didn't take a WIP of). I also slit the mouth open.

Internal and external dressing now.

For the outside, he gets some liquid latex (stuff you get at craft stores for doing art on t-shirts) to spice up his skin texture. Ridges and warts. He also gets a nice multi-tongue of various wires twisted together into the (now that it opens) mouth.

For internals, I painted the inside reflective silver (especially the insides of the eyes) and took the top off a battery operated votive candle. Fits right in the hole underneath the frog.

A nice brown paint scheme and a green wash later, the demon frog gets placed on top of the votive. Through the magic of horrible photoediting and animation you get an idea of what he looks like on the tabletop.

Hopefully, after Christmas, I can pick up a bunch of other colored lights. Maybe I can dig out those flashy-annoying rave rings, too...


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