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A few Sets of Minis

This is a pretty simple set. They're HeroClix generic dudes. I gave them grey shirts so they can appear cohesive. These guys vs those guys. Or maybe the grey shirts and the white shirts are teams/squads/etc in a gang against antoher gang or the law.
But only basic colors, not like a uniform. Different pants, and a few of them got some arm swaps and repositions to keep them from being ... too ... uniform.

Not so much a team here, but a theme. On the left are a repainted Dr. Strange and a repainted Raven, which are the only two "proper" magicians/wizards/whatnots in the set. The rest are converted into magi from superheroes or super scifi characters.
The guy the third from the right got a paper meche skirt added to transform him from a guy with electric hands to a fantasy wizard.
On the far left, a regular civilian, got some gree fire and a head swap with the Batman villian Man-Bat. The Man-Bat wings are really useful for fantasy creature conversions, so I end up with a lot of heads left over.

Speaking of, here are a couple more characters with the Man-Bat head. Using the helmet plumes from GW Dark Eldar, I can give the characters tails, as well, making some generic werewolves or even augmenting pulp army guys with a little lycanthropy.
The Big Dog came from some minis game that was on sale at the FLGS for Black Friday. But I didn't have a Cerberus, and it was one of the big figs in a box of 15 fo $15.

Harpies! Another set from the game that had the Cerberus. I've used wung color to allow these girls to be splut up into small squads.

These faries as well. I like them, so I got two sets. This could be red vs blue or two different kinds on one team. Or I could just mix them up to get a nice wild, psychadelic effect across the force. The metallic paint on the wings really makes these minis pop.

OK, a lonely wizard. Unless a mash-up is a team..? But here she is - Rachel Roth, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

And MOUSELINGS! Everybody loves Mouselings! Well, I love Mouselings. This was a nice present. And they came in a carrying case that I am going to turn into a small traveling minis convert'n'paint kit.

A set of occult figures to expand my black and white figures. Ghoulish monsters, skeletal gangsters, and a couple spellcasters. I went back and forth about the translucent magical energy. I decided to go with purple, so it matches some of my Cthulu monsters. I get the colour out of space thing when I mix some purple tentacled things into a B&W layout.