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Pig Pickin'!

We've done pigs before and are doing them now. And will likely do them again. This time we are working from a more realistic looking pig as a base figure. The set to the right is from Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Farm Animal set. Right now, we're just addressing the pigs. The big pigs, at that. The small piglets are too small for 28mm conversion, but might come back in 15mm later, or possibly as 28mm projectiles...

There's not much to this other than decapitating the pigs and shoving their heads on some sci fi bodies. The hooved GW Tau legs I got from Hoard O' Bits work well for cloven hooved pigs.

I like how these came out. They are not as dynamic or imposing as the other pigmen we've done with the cheap, dollar-store toy pigs. But the more realistic and played down pig head says, "rank and file trooper" to me. Which is what these guys are. I would have no problem doing a dozen more of these and using them as a force. I might want some other head, or maybe to sculpt and/or mod one of these for a character figure or two. But really, these ones make nice ... if you will pardon the phrase ... grunts.


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