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More Retrobots!

Today, its variations on a theme. The theme being retro robots. If you can't correlate the colors and weapons, it wouldn't do any good to explain it to you. OK, I will explain it ... Teenage Mutant Ninja Robots! I liked my old ninjabot, so these were a nice addition.

The weapons were crafted from other weapons. The katanas were pretty simple ... katanas. The next easiest was making a bo stick from a spear; cut off the spearhead. The sais were a bit difficult. I had some katar-like weapons from an Amazon warrior kit (like, fantasy female Amazons), so I split the two blades and inserted a third. The nunchucks were made from sword hilts connected by curved pieces of a bow. I was concerned about the fragility of the weapons, but after glue, primer, and sealant, they're pretty tough. It also helps that you really don't pick up the minis and swing them around by the weapons. For these, you are just really attracted to pick them up by the head.

I made a bunch of "standard" sets, in groups to make more robot hordes. This was one set of "leftovers" after I matched them up by type and grouped them into reasonable sized teams (4 or 5). The random assortment of 'bots is one of the things you have to deal with when doing this craft. As long as you're not hard over on "I must have seven of robot X", the project is always fun.

So, these guys are the Wed Wobot Weague. I couldn't get a good pic of it, but I used an ultrafine point red pen to put a bunch of random readout symbols on the screen'bot there in the back.

And where would the WWW be without their arch-rivals, WBW (Weague of Bwue Wobots)?

And this was just a cool idea I came up with. These guys look like slot machines, so ...


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