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Industrial Complex

This is where it all starts.

I got some snacks that came in these containers. Recyclable? Yes. But repurposing is much better. I've cut out some holes to put doors behind. Presto! Little industrial shacks. And they still stack for storage.

Since I like these snacks, there will be many more scattered about the table at the end.

But let's not jump the gun. These boxes are just ready made to become wall segments. But gluing them together in an L, they do the free standing bit much better.

Here they are painted up with some friends.

One of those friends is a juice bottle. Since I cut the neck off, I needed to make a carboard border for the bottom, to hide the cut.

And since the shape of the bottle suggested Art Deco to me, I continued that theme ...

... for the additional bits.

And got a reasonably Art Deco looking building. But I think I can do better.

Time to drink some more juice!

But man does not live by juice alone. I also need tea.

I like the shape of the lid and how it fits. It looks like a doorway to me.

And by putting the door on one side and the greeblies on the top, I can rotate the building to be door open or closed.

I can't just let the hot chocolate go in the trash after using the tea. So I grabbed a few more bits, this time leaving the lid attached.

That lets me make a nice industrial building with a porch.

That paints up as grungy as you like and gives us elevation, cover corners, and open space. All we could want in a close quarters skirmish.

I was very happy with these yoghurt containers. They cut right in half down the seam perfectly. I thought I would have to cut up four or five to get one good one with two clean, even halves.

Adding the greeblies, we get some nice generators.

Gotta have power. It's a critical asset to either protect or assault, depending on which side of the scenario you have.

That little red guy peeking out in the last pic was a storage hut. Like the yoghurt, the coffee can cut in half beautifully by leveraging the seam.

So it gets a cardboard end on one side and and extension (for heat, cooling, ventillation ... whatever) and a nice door on the other.

With a control panel!

Of course, we don't have favourites. But this one is my favourite.

I made the first blade using a yoghurt cup as a surrogate for a French curve set, then used it as a template for the rest.

The blades will go on top of the take away soup lid, that got a bottlecap in the middle.

Here's how the blades stand.

And here's how the assembled bit looks. You get a nice set of different bits of cover, depending on how you approach.

I guess I didn't get any WIP of the commsta. It's just the end of a bottle, with the bottle cap put inside and a little antenna bit.

Again, a classic tactical point. Take out their comms? Restore our comms? Get the derilect comms working?

Of course, it's not a proper industrial wasteland without pipes!

The key bit for these was putting the holders on the bottom. That lets them stand still wherever I want.

In the side of processing stations, for instance.

I also missed the WIP for these. Pretty simple and basic, but I do like them. They have an R2-D2 kind of cute to them.

These guys, I got the WIP, but forgot a finished tactical use pic. But you can find them in the board overview...

Click here for a big version of the overview.