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An Ent for All Seasons

The is the Mage Knight (an old Clixy-style fantasy game) Wood Golem. He's a nice sculpt with a lot of detail. But it is an odd pose, especially if you want a few in an Ent army. Then it looks like a synchronized disco troupe.

Also, I know some trees do have this colour bark, but I want it more brown woodsy to be evocative. And maybe a little foliage. But not too much to hide the body, otherwise, I could just flock a dark brown popsicle stick.

And here's where I went with that. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The group could be four different golems, Ents, dryads, elementals, etc. Or they could be stages of one figure. Or maybe just character leaders for an army of more generic tree-things.

Even though they are not tree height (well, they are small tree height), they do tower over regular figures in height and bulk. They would be even more towering for 15mm figures. Reasonable tree height for 6mm.

In detail, here's Vern. I don't usually go for decorative bases. In this case, it is one of the rare few figures I don't mind them taking a bit of their native terrain with them.

The spring monster has lighter dirt and light foliage. It is a light green spring colour and made from a wispier moss. A little truf growth is springing up in the dirt.

Eustis is much more grown, thick and heavy looking. He even has a little beard there. This is a twistier, thicker moss with a deeper green colour. Lots of cover for the figure and the turf.

Otto has a couple of the fall colours I have left from my fall trees. I used yellow and orange to hint that he is still changing colour, and isn't done with the process yet. Fewer tufts than Eustis, so he's losing his hair a bit, especially up top.

Heimie has lost all his foilage. The icicles are small triangles of acetate transparency sheet. I also use it for windows, floating screens, force fields, etc. I like that I got them to not be straight vertical, to create a little illusion of motion. And the white blotches got gloss sealant to make them a little more snowy. This one also has the darkest dirt and bark.

Besides the dirt and bark shades, I did reposition the arms into unique poses for each one. The foliage helped cover the army joints.