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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Ship

This is a 1:72 DS9 shuttle craft. That scale is usually equated to 20mm, not a scale I play. However, it doesn't really have a cues as to human size, so as a big shuttle, it will make a moderate size craft in 28mm and a big dropship for 15mm.

Simple model, too. Here are all the parts, so not that many and they're pretty visually obvious as to how to put them together.

Base colour pewter grey with dark grey wash.

And a few other darker shades of grey. No black, just realy dark grey.

These are the propulsion pods and the supports. Because of the bulky shape of the supports, they're hollow, so I can run some wires through. So let's pimp this ride!

Two sets of two holes. One from the support into the pod. That's where the two LEDs go. The other two against the hull of the ship. The wires will go through those to the battery, to be stored inside the empty body.

Here's a support fixed to the side. Instead of measuring, I lined up the holes in the support to figure where the hull holes go.

And in the background, there is the bottom of the hull, with a square cut out for inserting the battery.

And we just pull the wires through.

I've glued on some foam to set the battery on. That will keep it from sliding around as you move the ship during play.

And I blacked in the areas where the windows will look in.

And then I blacked in the back where the other windows are.

Now all that remains is to pull the wires tight through, and put the outer shell on the supports.

Here the ship is with some Star Trek 28mm figures.

Using the stand that comes with the model, connect the battery and the ship is hovering. Or flying, as the scenario needs.

Not as good a pic, but you can see the blue LEDs shining better.

A Shot in the Dark. Mancini AC/DC Ozzy Within Temptation Powerwolf (never heard of) cover of Ozzy

This is some type of "warp engine" that I couldn't figure out how it goes from the pic. Apparently it isn't on the runabout all the time. I had to ask a Trekkie colleague.

So I didn't attach it. It will also make a nice piece of deployable gear, ro maybe a smaller shuttle for 15mm.