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Tsuro Ships

These are tokens for Tsuro, a boardgame about driving ships around and avoiding hazards like routes sent off the board, dragons, and cannons.

They are basic boardgame tokens. Solid colors. Easy to make.

But the rest of the game is so well made with detail, that I decided to spruce them up a bit.

So I painted the deck using six shades of brown. Three dark ones for the planking and three lighter ones for the highlighting.

Since they had the detail work on the side, all it took was a light brushing to bring out the detail and leave the base color between the details.

SWMBO pointed out that the sails needed designs on them. Without the designs, the ships were too hard to tell apart.

As they were in solid colors, the sail, masts, decks, and sides were all one color. Where ever you looked, you could tell which was which.

With the sail designs on the front and back, these ships are pretty easy to tell apart at arms length.

And on the board. The detail on the board would also hide the ships without the big sails.