<HTML> <HEAD> <LINK rel=StyleSheet href="style.css" type="text/css"></LINK> <SCRIPT src="main.js" type="text/javascript"></SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY> <TABLE><TR><TD> <H1>Irrational Number Line Games, LLC</H1> <H6> <a href=index.htm>home</a> &nbsp; <a href=sell.htm>stuff-to-buy</a> &nbsp; <a href=free-arch.htm>idea archive</a> &nbsp; <a href=ramblings.htm>about-us</a> &nbsp; <a href=contact.htm>contact</a> &nbsp; </H6> <SCRIPT language="javascript"> doodle(); </SCRIPT> <H3><a name="datop" id="datop">Communist Gorillas from Outer Space</a></H3> <P> <img class=larginalia src=twogangs00.jpg></img> These are some of my favorite conversion figures. They're cheap and plentiful (possibly plentiful drives cheap) They have really nice open poses, so it is easy to cut them apart at the joints for hand, head, arm, and even leg swaps. And the two Star Wars guys on the right are wearing basically the same 1970's outfit. </P> <P><H5></H5></P> <P> <img class=marginalia src=twogangs01.jpg></img> Normally, I don't use the Hawkman heads, but there are a few specific applications where they make sense. 50's retro scifi rocketman winged helmets is one. </P> <P><H5></H5></P> <P> <img class=larginalia src=twogangs02.jpg></img> So I cut some 1" hex counters in half to make some nice, regular wings and a nice tubular flight base as the rocket part. </P> <P><H5></H5></P> <P> <img class=marginalia src=twogangs03.jpg></img> Here's a squad of thirteen, with various arm changes, all painted up. </P> <P><H5></H5></P> <P> <img class=larginalia src=twogangs04.jpg></img> And how they look my themselves. </P> <P><H5></H5></P> <P> <img class=marginalia src=twogangs05.jpg></img> And the bodies and arms work well for postapocalyptic gangers who have some guns and ammo, but rely a lot on savage close combat weapons that are easier on the logistics chain. </P> <P><H5></H5></P> <P> <img class=larginalia src=twogangs06.jpg></img> But, fortunately, tattoos don't need lots of tech and logistics! </P> <P><H5></H5></P> <P><H5></H5></P> </TD></TR></TABLE> </BODY>