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Tanks in Scale

I haven't done one of these military model kits like this in ages. This is the kind my dad and I used to do back in the day. It was kicking my butt a little, but I perservered.

And my reward was a good ol' 1:35 MK IV male tank from WWI. Classic lines, great steampunk look. And it's a real thing. Well, for now.

And to that we add a 1:72 Female MK II. Same vibe I liked. The smaller one was harder in some ways and easier in other ways. Both fun.

The important thing is they are both going to be for space marines, but neither one is 1:56 scale. So will they work?

I hope so, since that was my plan. The 1:35 model is too big in scale, but as it goes with a 40K force, there is no such thing as that vehicle/ weapon/ armour is too big. I like it as a mega-tank. And the 1:72 ones will make nice one-man assault vehicles.

Like this. I added a gun turret and aome other 40K bits to theme it up.

The other one is a one-man missile barge. I got an extra launcher on it by adding that little bit of card to angle it up so the missiles can launch.

And the behemoth tank got the same facelift - guns, hatches, and a few other miscelaneous bits. Too many guns? Nah. That's not a thing, either.

I think they both work well in theme with my other Iron Snakes forces.