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Tzeench Space Marines

I got some Chaos Space Marines cheap. Mostly because it was a job lot that was missing some pieces, like arms and weapons and backpacks. But I have enough bits to kit them out the rest of the way.

Since I recently did some tengu/Tzeench demons, I figures some CSM would be good to help them out.

This is a lousy pic ...

But first, for some bits. I have these Seraphim backpacks, which will look more chaosy if I add some spikes. Chaos and 40K like spikes. Spikey? Spikey. Spikey!

And another horrible picture, but this does give a good view of the Tzeench symbol I mad by sticking two tentacles on an eyeball. It's on a staff for a chaplian/sorceror.

And with the major colours blocked in, they take a much nice pic.

Mutations are good ... or expected ... for Tzeench, so I saved some SM/CSM arm bits by using extra monster arms. And a head, tail, and wings too.

The sorceror is not mutated, but he has extra good stuff like the cape and the staff. Shouldn't he be more mutated if he's the sorceror? Well, maybe the sorceror is the one who can control the Tzeench power instead of roll with it.

The base over there is a big base and I added another big bit with the blue flying thing. I think it's a little too over the top for WH40K ... is what no one said ever.

And here's the whole crew, detailed up and ready to ... uhm? ... chaos?