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Female Cyborg Sculpt

So here's what I was able to do with a female armature from Hasslefree Miniatures. Well, one of the things. I will show a few more soon (next week?), but this one was the only one that was castable. Basically, that means that you can get it into a mold, cast the mold, and get the figure back out again.

As well as getting a free cast (I paid for the other four) of my scuplt, we got a free cast of all the winners, too. I was happy this one made it. I changed the basic pose into a more open one, which for me means one that it is easy to mod. With my five casts, just moving the arms around a bit gives each one a slightly different character. Still, they retain that identical-cyborg look.

They're a big under dressed, but not for cyborgs. In comparison to two professional production minis, and another male custom cyborg I have done from a Reaper heroic scupltinng male armature, they fit in pretty well. They're noticably smaller, but again, that is in comparison to some pretty over-the-top males in comparison.


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