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Spaaaaace Huuuuuuulk!

This is some pretty standard fare, yet still lots of fun to do. My daughter is off to school at University of Texas at Dallas and found the gaming club there. Among other things, they play Space Hulk (not sure if its the old one or the new one). So, since I had a bunch of GW Space Marines that I got for a good deal on my table, I decided to repurpose them into two SH squads in her school colors - orange and green.

So, we start with some pretty ordinary, classic chunk marines. Cute little buggers, aren't they? The Sergeants (or do they call them NCO's?) will be the ones without helmets. We will keep 8 with bolters as they are to make a standard squad and then pimp out the rest for special weapons optional guys. I can't remember what options there actually were, and didn't bother to research it. It's just time to cut plastic and paint!

On the left we have the regular two squads. The pauldrons separate team green from team orange, but other than that the paint schemes are identical. The sharp eyed will notice that I swapped in a Warzone/Chronopia figure for one of the NCO's. She's a little less bulky and has some different details, but in the sea of orange and green, she still seems to fit in fairly well. I decided to go with a bronze with gold and silver highlights for the weapons as I think it fits in well with both orange and green.

On the other side we have the "options". Way in back we have two regular guys with chainswords. I think having them as close combat specialists is legit.

Next up are two flamers. I cut the barrels off the bolters and added some large bits. After the minis were painted and sealed, I glued some transparent green flame on the end. I got it from a "Green Flame" Heroclix mini. I am sure flamers are SH legal.

Then we get some big guns. These are USX "post apocalyptic big guns". Not bad indeed. The bolters came out with the twist of a knife and the guns went on it. Easy-peasy. I can't imagine SH doesn't have some type of unreasonably large weapon available to the Space Marines.

The next pair have MechWarrior missle pods on their pauldrons. Just a simple clip and glue job. I'm not sure if SH has rules for that, but I bet they have some grenade launcher or something. Should be close enough...

The final ones are more close combat specialists. This time I used a couple minis with "power fists" (right? that's what they are?) and added claws to it. Well, halves of spears, but you get the effect. I'm pretty sure that follows some GW motif I have seen, but probably not one that plays in SH. I still think they look good and could stand in for any type of close combat specialist they want.

As I remember, the Space Marines travel to the space hulk in the Warp via "torpedoes". Small, minimalist ships that slip in and hopefully can slip back out again. While it's not a part of the game, I thought mocking up a couple of them would be cool. In a nerdy sort of way. Anyhow, I laid out a hexagonal prism and then did some basic decorating.

The base and the lid are separate pieces. The lid lifts off and the front panel drops down. These pics show the green one. The other one has orange bands on it. The team mascot for UTD is "comets" in case you didn't guess. The opposite sides of the lids say "Venatorii Viridi" and "Venatorii Auranti" for the appropriate colors of teams. Latin scholars need not point out that my grammar is likely off. But go ahead, if you want ...


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