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Yellow Gear!

I got a great deal on these Grenadier Space Rangers to plus up my sci fi legions. With 50 in the box, I decided to make a set of 15 reds, 15 blues, and 15 greys. That left me with five guys left over. I have always been a fan of support pieces, so I decided to make some SeaBees. That is, "CB"s - Construciton Battallion guys with some simple conversions.

Looking at them from right to left, there is a "jaws of life" operator for an emergency crew and a construction cutter with a big circular saw made from left over RoboGear pieces. If you have sci fi armies, you likely have bits like this left over from something that is supposed to be more combat oriented, but the mech leftovers make nice big power tools for the 28mm power armour guys.

But what if you don't have RoboGear bits, or other very specific parts? Well, improvise! For the leader, I cut his arm at the elbow, and glued it back so the gun was pointing up. A piece of thread replaced the cable that was there before. Now we move to roto-rooter man. Tentacles. If you don't have a buckets of left over tentacles (I do), they're pretty easy to make by rolling up a clay snake (I do that sometimes, too). And the last guy has some type of spray thing. I think it is an insta-concrete sprayer (which could have cool tactical uses, too). The people who made the bit I used thought it was an exhaust pipe for a jacked-up Hot Wheels monster truck. What were they thinking?

Well, I promised simple conversions, and that was about it. I just didn't put on the guns, and put some other stuff on instead. The paint job goes along with the yellow gear theme for two reasons: (1) it makes them instantly recognizable as construction assets to most people, and (2) it means I can put them with any of the forces without worrying if the paint job matches.

Oh, I forgot the leader's sword. The Grenadier (now made by EM-4 Minis) guy has what looks like a regular fantasy sword. I replaced that with a chainsaw I got off a 'Clix MechWarrior forestrymech. Those things are a godsend for bits. They're cheap and they have the coolest pieces.

Well ... enjoy and convert away!


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