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Mice and Rats

I am starting with Reaper Mouslings space mice. But this set comes with an extra head. I assume so you have helmeted and non-helmeted options. Well I am going to just make all three mice and do a conversion with the leftover head.

I will use the body from one of my chibi robots. This will make a large, power-armour type figure compared to the Mouslings. So I will use the helmeted head for the figure.

Here they are painted up, alongside some of my Retro Astro Patrol figures.

Beside the power armour figure, I added tails to the mice. They're not mice without big round Mickey ears. And they're not mice without tails! I used tails from some leftover micro dinosaur bodies (heads went to another conversion). The thick tails look like mouse tail in a space suit to me.

These are some type of GW ratmen. I have enough in the job lot I bought to make two twleve-man (well, thirteen-vermin) squads and some leaders,

The first bit of change is I am replacing the team leaders' weapons with maces. This makes them easily identifiable as team leaders.

In the upper left corner, you can see a squad leader, who has a spear (that is an aluminum roofing nail) to replace his sword. I think it makes him leaderly.

And we have three options for the overall leader ... I have some clear plastic bits for a sword and shield, a really big mace from some or other Reaper Bones figure, and a Spliter HeroClix figure.

I also have one more figure left over, so I made a banner post for him from some leftover bits of sprue.

Here's the crew, lined up for battle with Splinter in front.

And a close up of the clear plastic bits. I went over them with red Sharpie to give him a translucent red magic shield and sword.