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Giant Microbes

This is a little tin foil ball made by rolling up the wrapper around a piece of holiday candy.

This is evicence of OCD. OK, myabe not. But it is what happens when you roll lots of them up, sometimes on top of others, and keep them. You keep them because you know you are going to do "something" with them

Individual little rolled balls like that are OK. But what if we could combine them? I took a few tootkpicks to use to pin pairs so they could be glued together.

Rinse. Repeat. Base. Paint. And you end up with bunches of giant microbes that look like this.

Here are some squat ones attacking 28mm Space Patrol figures.

Here are a couple taller shapes going after some godless space commies.

And I think our heroes have got these giant microbes pinned in now. Yay!