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Cerberus Warhound Titan for Iron Snakes

I have a decent retinue of Warhammer 40K Iron Snakes. Lots of infantry and a number of other things. I made a couple Knight titans, which are big stompy mech things. The next size up is called a "warhound" titan, and I found a toy that was roughly the right size.

Even though a warhound titan is an upright humanoid robot, I thought a three-headed Cerberus would go well with the Greek theme of the Iron Snakes. This is a three-headed dragon robot. Perfect.

It's also a somewhat crappy toy. Lots of bad reviews. The wings break off - don't need them. It breaks if you transform between dragon and robot more than a few times - again not a problem for me. Bonus ... toys that tank are cheap! I got this one for less than $20.

I considered replacing the heads with scratchbuilt dog heads, but after I gave it the silver basecoat, I kind of like them. The only bit I really need is pauldrons. 40K gotta have pauldrons. So I used a plastic Easter egg, and cut a bit out to go over the ... shoulder? Is that what dogs have? ... front hip? Dunno. But I am making pauldrons for them.

This is the elaborate pauldron with the iron snake on it. Came out pretty good and fits well.

I made pauldrons for the hanuches too, but I decided not to do it. Looking at the cheap toy, I noticed that the back legs had this massive gap when on all fours in dragon mode. That is a benefit, because ...

... butt gunners! Always nice to have someone watching your six!

The back of the dragon (sans wings) will hold nine dudes. That's a decent compliment, plus the two in the back.

I used some leftover sprue to add guardrails to the back since Warhammer 40K is all about occupational safety.

I also used some old control panels that I ripped from other toys to give them a "plausible" command station.

And one dude waving his sword on the head. I believe someone waving a sword around like this is an iconic WH40K thing.