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Sci Fi Drop Ships

Here are a bunch of bits and bobs I will use to make a few sci fi drop ships. The main body is an old mouthwash bottle. (Oral hygiene is important!) Various bottle caps to dress her up. A bit from an old marble track toy and a solo shotglass round out the parts.

The big white caps came off the mouthwash bottles and will be the thrusters on the back. The two caps beside them will go inside the thrusters facing out to make an engine bit.

The shotcups get bottle caps on the top to make a nose cone.

The pairs of caps on the top will get glued underneath the body of the ship and make legs.

Here are the main bodies with the rails and various other bits glued on. The mouthwash bottle itself has a very symmetric design, so I decided to put a few things on to break that up a bit.

Adding the thrusters. They stand upright while the glue dries.

The upside-down for the legs. They are in-line, but the width of the cap on the bottom should provide a good enough base of support for the ships. Plus, this keeps them even and fairly hidden when the ship is on the table.

Here's an initial paint scheme. Basic red with some asymmetric swaths of metallic red.

I've added two leftover guns on this one, too.

Once that dried, I went over the paint with three different colors of red Sharpie to make the geometric designs on it.

It looks a decent size to carry these 28mm miniatures.

This design is more reserved, but I added to the asymmetry by only using one gun.

It might be a bit cramped for this size of a force, but no unreasonable.

And a retro-future Space Patrol ship, complete with the traditional insignia for "Wow! There's just too much empty, flat space back here!" This should work well for future SP adventures.