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Marijuana Farm

I got some 15mm/HO scale bamboo. But it doesn't look like bamboo to me. I used to have bamboo in my yard when I lived in Japan and I happen to have a nice patch right now (it's a wind break for the windy side of the house ... the previous owner who was a gardener knew what she was doing).

I does, however, look - enough for me - like mature marijuana plants. That does make for a nice modern terrain/objective bit.

On the plus side, the plants are a bit more than two 28mm figures high (no pun intended), so I get twice as much coverage. The real plants can grow higher than that, but it provides the cover function needed, the visual appeal, and hopefully won't get in the way of moving the figures too much.

I am going for modular 6"x6" plots with four rows each. That gives me four paths. One of the paths is split to a "half path" on either side of the plot. This arrangement will allow me to either line up or not line up the paths in a larger field to create or break up lines of fire.

I will hold the plants in place by butting a piece of L-channel (made from folded thin card) on either side of the plant row.

The US Navy radiotelephone communications manual provides the following advice "Think. Key. Speak. In that order." Also, I have been a test engineer in past jobs. Relevance? Test fit your figure. While the path is wide enough for the base, there really isn't finger room to move the mini in there. After due consideration, and before doing the work on all the plots, I decided to go with two rows and two paths.

That provided the same type of terrain, less dense, but much more usable. Since I had some stuff left over during construciton, I made some slat fencing with the left over strips of thin card and had one plot where I could plant some cabbages ... balls of tinfoil.

I also had a little bamboo left over, so I made some bales of harvested product.

Hey boss ... I think something is going on in the fields ...

Victor is right. There seems to be someone who shouldn't (or should, depending on which side of the engagement you are playing) be in the fields.