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28mm Doctor Who

I have the Black Tree Designs Doctor Who line of minis. And I picked up the Character Builder Daleks to make one horde.

But even though it doesn't have the modern Doctors, and especially not Torchwood figures. But I wanted Weevils!

So I got a good head and some generic poopysuit looking clothes (medieval tunics and pants are very versatile).

And this is what we get.

No matter how savage, my money is on Lousie Jameson.

This one shows how I didn't give them boots, I just painted over the feet of the ones that didn't have shoes.

Celery and a disco dance pose!

Didn't some obscene noise keep the Weevils at bay?

... Weevil ... Dr Who ... Something ...

OK, I'm out of Weevil things, so this is also about showing off the Doctor Who minis. I think the Davros works well with the CB Daleks.


Only ten, but really, how many do you need to take over a planet?

Sontar Ha!

So these are very nice. Now I just need some for my 15mm Doctor Who stuff. Any ideas?

Using this technique I made a pretty convincing Dr. Who room.