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Modern Era Doctor Who

These are a bunch of HeroClix figures that I will use for some Doctor Who conversions. Most of them are Modern era characters, but there are a couple classic Doctor Who companions and allies, too.

  1. I'm starting with an easy Rory and Amy repaint
  2. Tigra will make a nice, savage Leela
  3. Jack Harkness needs the duster, but also the head with good hair
  4. SpiderGirl and Crazy Jane will give us a Susan composite
  5. Generic army general will make a good Brigadeer
  6. Apparently I skipped six when numbering the picture
  7. Rose is a must for 9th Doctor companions
  8. Martha is one of my favourite modern era companions
  9. And bald Dr. Sivana for the stubble headed 9th Doctor

So here's the 9th Doctor, Jack and Rose in the Tardis.

I think Rory looks appropriately intimidated and Martha is defninitely in charge of something with that silver clipboard.

The classics. Crouching Leela, sans tail and with an added BIG KNIFE. The Brigadeer just needed a repaint and the mustache. And Susan is in an iconic and very 60's outfit from one of the shows.

But let's not stop there. Since there were lots of different cybermen, I figure I can use lots of different robots to make them. They just need silver paint and ...

... some half size staples to make those funky head antennae!